Kensington Municipal Advisory Council

Members and Informationa 

Seat 1 Catherine Engberg
Seat 2 Patrick Tahara - Chair
Seat 3 Vanessa Cordova
Seat 4 Christopher Brydon
Seat 5 Melissa Holmes Snyder
Alt. 1  open
Alt. 2  Walt Gillfillan

Regular Meeting Date & Time:
7 pm; last Tuesday of every month

Kensington Community Center Conference Room, 59 Arlington Ave.

KMAC Agendas

Meeting Minutes 

The Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on a new application for an ATT cell node on Coventry Road at one of its regular meetings in six to eights weeks. Check back for details. 

ATT Revised Cell Applications (Six applications; intro letter)

Contact Kate Rauch or by phone at 510-231-8691 note: new number