Fun Resources

Having fun and achieving happiness in your life is an important part of any wellness program.

The following is a list of resources to locate "fun" activities for both you and your family.

This website offers substantial discounts on entertainment, travel, restaurants, consumer items and more.  
Johnny's Guide to San Francisco and East Bay
Free and inexpensive events  
(art museums, comedy, free stuff for kids, lectures and workshops, live music, sports and fitness programs, movies, etc.  
Events for San Francisco and the East Bay  
Contra Costa Times
Some events are free while others charge a fee   

Contra Costa Parks
51 parks are available to visit  
Fees vary  
San Francisco Chronicle Bay Area Events
Fees vary  
The Science of Happiness and Health


Your own imagination and experience will take you to many fun and exciting places that are not outlined in this section.

Please be advised that nothing found here has been reviewed with the expertise required to provide you with complete information.  The information in this Resource Guide is merely to aid you in your search for local agencies. Review the materials carefully to determine if the agencies listed provide the assistance you are seeking. Contra Costa County cannot be held responsible for the information obtained from these agencies and recommends that you perform due diligence prior to releasing personal information regarding your circumstances