Walnut Boulevard Pedestrian and Bicycle Project

Pedestrians are forced
to walk in the street
along Walnut Boulevard.

I have been working with the Contra Costa County Public Works Department to address safety concerns in the Walnut Heights/San Miguel neighborhood in unincorporated Walnut Creek.  Together, we have held several community meetings to discuss road safety and pedestrian/bike improvements for Walnut Boulevard.  The community has been very responsive and engaged in the process of formulating a project scope for safety improvements in the neighborhood.  We appreciate their feedback and have used this information to guide the proposed project, the Walnut Boulevard Pedestrian and Bicycle Project.    

This project will provide a continuous pedestrian path on the easterly side of Walnut Boulevard from Walnut Heights Elementary School to Clarkin Court, and a Class III bike route from Walnut Heights Elementary School to Mountain View Boulevard.  The addition of a protected pedestrian path along Walnut Boulevard will provide great benefit to the Walnut Heights residents, especially to the students of Walnut Heights Elementary School. 

While this project has secured funding through the Central County Area of Benefit Program, which receives funds through payment of traffic mitigation fees by developers, the County hopes to stretch these local dollars further by adding Safe Routes to School (SR2S) funding through the State of California.  On March 30th, our County Public Works Department submitted our grant application to the Safe Routes to School program for this project.

Typically, grant awards are announced approximately 5-6 months after the submittal of the applications.  My office will be following up with residents once we learn more about the status of our application.  I encourage you to visit the County’s Public Works Department website to learn more about the specifics of this project, including the preliminary layout and other details.