Zoning Code and Ordinances

 Code or Ordinance Guides, Brochures, and Additional Information
Contra Costa County Code - Title 8 Zoning CCMAP has site specific information, including zoning districts
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance  ADU Application Form
ADU Application Checklist Submittal
ADU Development Standards
ADU Process Type
"Alcohol Ordinance"
Alcoholic Beverage Sales Commercial Activities Ordinance 
Guide for Businesses
Alcohol Beverage Sales Compliance Webpage
Complaint Form
Construction and Demolition Debris Recovery Program (2004-16) CalGreen / Construction and Demolition Debris Recovery Program webpage
Density Bonus Ordinance Density Bonus Submittal Requirements
Farm Market Ordinance Ordinance Development Documents
Home Occupation Ordinance   How to Apply for Home Occupation Guide
Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Guidance
Housing Plan Checklist
Fee Calculator
Meteorological Tower Ordinance  Ordinance Adoption Info
Mobilehome Rent Stabilization Ordinance Base Space Rent Table
Park Dedication Fee Ordinance
Park Impact Fee Ordinance
Park Fee Overview 
Wireless Telecommunication Facilities (2016-11) Requirements for Wireless Facility Permit Applications
Wireless Facility in County Right of Way Application
Background information (CEQA, etc) 
 Urban Farm Animal Ordinance  Urban Farm Animal Ordinance Summary 

Area Wide Planned Unit Development (P-1) (Former Redevelopment Project Areas)

Bay Point
Land Use Matrix
Development Standard
Design Guidelines
Conditions of Approval

Contra Costa Centre / Pleasant Hill Bart
Land Use Matrix
Urban Design Policy Diagram
Specific Plan and Development Standards

El Sobrante
Zoning Code & Design Guidelines

Montalvin Manor
Land Use Maps
Land Use Matrix
Development Standards
Design & Development Standards
Conditions of Approval

North Richmond
Land Use Matrix
Development Standards
Design Guidelines
Conditions of Approval
Land Use Map

Zoning Ordinance and Design Guidelines