Welcome to the Flood Control District

  1. Staying Out Means Staying Alive!

  2. Pine Creek Clean-Up (Walnut Creek Community Service Day)

    The Contra Costa County Flood Control District (the district) participated in the Walnut Creek Community Service Day on Saturday, October 8th. This is the third year the District has partnered with Friends of the Creeks to participate in this event. Read on...
  3. San Ramon Bypass Clean-up

    A group of ten Save Mount Diablo volunteers and four Contra Costa County Flood Control / Public Works employees went into the San Ramon Bypass on Friday, September 30th to clean up our Flood Control Channel, by removing the trash that has accumulated... Read on
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The Flood Control and Water Conservation District covers all of Contra Costa County, including its cities, and owns property throughout the county for the purpose of constructing and maintaining regional flood control basins, channels, and creeks. 

The District was formed in 1951, and has been protecting the communities of Contra Costa County ever since. The District offers regional flood protection, and also provides technical information and education to cities and residents. Its operations are primarily funded through property taxes and developer fees. To learn more about services that the District offers, click here

Recently, the District's mission has expanded to include stewardship of the environmental resources in the district-owned creeks. Learn how you can get involved.