County Campaigns

Contra Costa County employees strive to make our community a better place, and we lend our support to many causes.

Contra Costa County has devoted staff and resources to combating a very serious issue -- domestic violence and sexual assault.  We have launched an awareness campaign that mirrors the nationwide "No More" public service announcement series you may have seen on TV.  We invite you to take a stand as well, and be part of our campaign.   You can view our PSA's and find out how to join us on our Contra Costa Says No More website.

Among the County's strengths is the diversity of our population, which enriches the educational experience of our young people in many ways.  Bay Area schools can be highly competitive, though, presenting new challenges for students.  Contra Costa Television, (CCTV,) the County's cable television station, is proud to partner with the Culture to Culture Foundation in supporting the 2016 Directing Change Video Contest for teens and young adults.  The deadline to apply is March 1; find out more on our Directing Change website.  Take special note of the category titled "Through the Lens of Culture."  We hope to have many entries from Contra Costa County.

During the holiday season, employees opened their wallets in a friendly competition with county staff from Solano County, as we participated in the "Counties Care Holiday Food Fight."  We volunteer our time and contribute financially to support the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.  You can help, too, by contributing any time of the year -- and you can even support your Contra Costa team by selecting us as your "partner" when donating online.  Find out more on the Food Fight website.

Thank you for your support of these causes.