Online Newsroom

  1. Cleaner Electricity for Many Contra Costa Communities Starting in Apri
  2. 3/24/2018: FREE Home Composting Workshop
  3. 3/15/2018: Elections Division Launches Revamped Website
  4. 3/9/2018 Serve on the Treasury Oversight Committee
  5. 3/1/2018: Contra Costa County Launches Stand Together Contra Costa, A Rapid-Response Deportation-Defense Initiative to Support Contra Costa Residents
  6. 2/28/2018: West Contra Costa Career Fair
  7. 2/15/2018: Contra Costa County Public Works Department To Complete Byron Highway/Camino Diablo Intersection Improvement Project
  8. 2/14/2018: Contra Costa County is Seeking a Member for the Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board
  9. 2/14/2018: Veterans and Doctors Share Experiences and Expertise on Traumatic Brain Injury in February’s Veterans’ Voices Show
  10. 2/13/2018: Watch Veterans' Voices on Monday, February 19
  11. 2/5/2018: Contra Costa County Public Works Department To Make Public Safety Repairs on Marsh Creek Road
  12. 2/1/2018: Contra Costa County is Seeking Members for the Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency Independent Hearing Panel
  13. 1/31/2018: San Francisco and Contra Costa County Celebrate Opening of Innovative East Bay Family Visitation Centers for Foster Children
  14. 1/31/2018: New Health Services Director Appointment
  15. 1/11/2018: Valentine's Day Weddings
  16. 12/20/2017: CCCOE to partner with Contra Costa County in expanding community access television programming focused on local education
  17. 10/31/2017: Office of the Public Defender Issues Requests for Proposals to Implement “Stand Together CoCo”